About US

  • AFAL is a registered nonprofit cultural organisation
  • working since 1975
  • for promotion of literature, and culture, focusing on research, translations, publications
  • empowerment of economically backward women
  • free library
  • visual arts
  • two art galleries
  • museum of miniatures
  • museum of tribal arts and crafts
  • Arpana Caur's Museum of permanent collection

Miniature Museum

The Museum of Indian Miniatures has a wide range of Indian miniature paintings and other artifacts, line drawings, stencils, photographs, litho and prints of antique value, representing some form or the other of Indian painting.

It has a very rich collection of miniature paintings from all regions of India. The miniature museum also has a rare collection of miniatures from the plains of Punjab. This collection includes Punjab and Sikh Painting, Janamsakhis on the life of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh faith.

Further the museum has a vast collection of Pahari, Kashmiri, Deccani, Mughlai, Rajasthani Paintings and also Popular Prints & Company School of Painting.